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In recent generations the instance of both members to a marital partnership working outside of the home has increased. As more women have entered the workforce to advance their own careers, Florida families and families throughout the nation have seen a shift in how money and spending power are allocated between the members of married couples. As more individuals have extended their educations and their earning potentials, the ways in which alimony negotiations are determined and paid out have also undergone changes.

Now, it is not uncommon for some divorces to conclude without alimony agreements or orders in place. When two partners are capable of supporting themselves in the wake of a divorce then it is not necessary for one to provide the other with financial help. Similarly, many alimony agreements orders are short-term and may only last for brief periods of time to allow recipients to ready themselves to return to their careers in the workforce.

This is not to say that full, long-term alimony awards are not still granted. When a person is not able to work or has been in a long-term marriage where they have not had to hold an out of the home job, they may still be awarded alimony on a permanent basis. All alimony decisions generally are made on a case-by-case basis.

Since alimony matters can take on many different characters it is imperative that divorcing parties prepare themselves to advocate for their alimony rights. The attorneys of Winters Spires & Associates are committed to ensuring that their clients receive fair alimony awards and settlements that reflect their financial needs and capacities to pay. The firm is prepared to support new clients who wish to divorce and who have questions about how to manage their pending alimony commitments.

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