How much can I be fined for a DUI in Florida?

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Right now residents of Florida are happily preparing for the holiday season. They may be buying presents for the people that they love or planning meals that they will share with friends and members of their families. One thing that they are likely not preparing for is the expensive cost of a DUI conviction if they are alleged to have driven while drunk.

Even from a person’s first DUI conviction the expense of a possible fine is high. The minimum that an individual may be ordered to pay upon a drunk driving conviction is $500, but if they are convicted of having a blood alcohol concentration in excess of .15 percent or having had a minor in the car at the time of their arrest, then their fine may skyrocket to $2,000.

Second time offenders may see their DUI fines start at $2,000 and go all the way up to $4,000 for high BACs or the presence of minors in the drivers’ vehicles at the times of their arrests. Subsequent convictions for drunk driving can result in fines in excess of $4,000 and can impose other penalties, including incarceration.

It should be clear to readers that the state of Florida takes drunk driving very seriously, and those who are convicted of drunk driving crimes can be heavily fined for their allegedly illegal actions. The costs of a drunk driving conviction can be hard for some to overcome. So, those who want to challenge their drunk driving charges may want to speak with a DUI defense attorney who may be able to provide support and defense strategies to combat aggressive prosecutors which, in turn, may result in reduced penalties, dismissed charges, or an acquittal.

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