Medical conditions can present similarly to drunk driving

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Suffering from a serious medical condition can impose significant limitations on the abilities of an individual. Due to their ailment they may have to modify how they approach everyday tasks and may need to seek help to accomplish responsibilities that prior to their illness they could handle on their own. One of the biggest problems that a Florida resident may encounter when they develop a medical condition or illness is the perception that others have of them regarding the true state of their health.

Recent news story tells the unfortunate tale of a woman who was arrested for allegedly drunk driving. She was stopped when she attempted to get on a ferry and was assessed by law enforcement officers who allegedly witnessed her acting confused. Due to their perceptions of her condition they arrested her for driving drunk, but this was not the case..

The woman had, in fact, suffered a stroke that had rendered her disoriented. She was taken to jail and later released, effectively left alone in a community where she did not know anyone. She was never offered medical assistance and it took days for her to be located by her loved ones.

This tragic story highlights the often erroneous conclusions that law enforcement officials often make regarding drivers and their states of alleged intoxication. Certain medical conditions or even medications that individuals must take to control their ailments may cause symptoms that are similar to those exhibited by allegedly drunk drivers. When mistakes are made and illness-affected drivers are arrested for drunk driving, they may have to fight to prove their innocence and get the medical and legal help they need.

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