Knowing when a child custody modification may be possible

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Life rarely remains the same following a divorce and the establishment of a child custody arrangement. Though child custody and visitation issues may be resolved, and a parenting plan established, changes down the road may create the need for a child custody modification. Post-divorce modifications may also apply to other concerns, such as child support, as well.

Either parent can request an agreement modification from the family law court. While the family law court always focuses on what is in the best interests of the child when establishing a child custody agreement or modifying a child custody agreement, there are some circumstances in which a modification of a child custody order may be possible. While either parent is able to request a post-divorce modification, parents may object to one as well.

In general, in Florida, a child custody modification may be possible based on a significant change in circumstances of the parents or the child. Changes in circumstances that may be considered significant, warranting a child custody modification, can include a job loss or change in employment; an illness that has a significant impact on resources; one or both parents remarrying; one parent being deployed; or a relocation request.

It is always important not to simply modify an agreement without seeking the resources available through the family law court such as simply failing to abide by a child custody agreement or child support order. Family law resources are available to help families negotiate their important concerns during the divorce process and following the divorce process as well.

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