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Divorce is hard on parents and it is certainly hard on kids as well. Even when two parents in Florida do everything that they can to minimize the distress and conflict in their divorce, their children will still need to learn to live with the “new normal” of mom and dad no longer under the same roof. Ensuring that kids transition well into their new lives can have a lot to do with the child custody arrangement that is established.

Our readers may know that parents can work together to create their own child custody agreements. If those agreements meet the best interests of the kids whose lives will be governed by them, then they may be approved and given judicial weight. If parents cannot come to agreements regarding how they will share time with their kids, then the family law courts may intervene and issue child custody orders.

In either situation, it is dependent upon parents to advocate for the best interests of their children. Parents know their kids better than anyone else in the world and when a parent’s rights with regard to their kids is under scrutiny it can be of benefit to them to fight for arrangements that will support their kids’ needs.

The law firm of Winter, Spires & Associates is committed to helping parents protect their post-divorce relationships with their children through the creation of effective child custody plans. Our law firm can provide case-specific counsel to clients who are struggling to find meaningful ways to stay connected to their children. To learn more about child custody issues in Florida, readers are invited to visit the firm online.

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